Welcome to SICC

We as a club are focused on cricket development in Sweden. We are working towards that goal by having both senior and junior teams. Our club has been producing quality players who have gone on to represent Sweden at national level. We organize regular training sessions both outdoor and indoor all round the year to provide players maximum opportunity to improve their game and also introduce new members to cricket. We have a number of very experienced players helping new players in improving their techniques and also getting used to playing conditions in Sweden.

If you are in Sweden and interested in playing/learning cricket then contact us and we will make sure you get an opportunity to show your skills at the top level. Fill in the registration form or email us to become a member.


Foundation of this cricket club was laid in 1980. At that time there was only one more cricket club in Sweden. There were people from the subcontinent living here in Stockholm who really needed a platform to enjoy and exploit their cricket skills and the making of Pakistan Cricket Club, later renamed to Stockholm International Cricket Club, was just the need of the time. As you would understand that Sweden had no cricket history but due to determination of founders of this club we succeeded in getting permission and desired area to play cricket.
Stockholm International Cricket Club became the role model for the people living in other Swedish cities and just in a couple of years there were enough cricket clubs in Sweden. But it wasn’t before 1991 that clubs were able to set up Swedish Cricket Federation, which held the first ever Swedish National championship in which clubs from almost every big city of Sweden participated.
Stockholm International Cricket Club has the honour of becoming the first ever winners of the Swedish National Championship in 1991. Stockholm International Cricket Club has become Swedish Champions seven times since then.
Swedish Cup is a tournament which Stockholm International Cricket Club has been organizing on annual basis since 1980. Lots of local teams and teams from countries like England, Norway, Denmark and Finland have participated in Swedish Cup over the years. The Swedish National Championship, The Swedish Cup, The Nordic cup and The Qauid-e-Azam Trophy are the cricketing events which Stockholm International Cricket Club has won over the years.